Genre: Comedy

About: The moving picture Girlfriends was first seen in the cinemas in 2021. Categorized as comedy. will take you a total of minutes of watch time. 123Movies provied links and subtitles where you can watch it in HD for free.

Plot: 2021, Barcelona (Barcelona, Catalonia; north-east to Spain). At 27, Marta is an artistic photographer working for an important British company set in the city and living with the too photographer and friend Lili. However, her boss Ray gives her bad news: the company will return to London by a removal of personnel, being fired because Ray is tired to await the "greatest photo" she promised him when he hired her years ago. As if it wasn't enough, Lili leaves Marta to move to an industrial unit re-used as art gallery where it has been enabled a commune for artists. Alone and with no money, Marta accepts the offer of her school classmate and friend Bea, returning to her natal city, Cornella (8.2 miles or 13.2 kilometers from Barcelona), reuniting with Bea, Soraya and Desi, as well as her parents Juan and Maricarmen. Feeling as lost in the world as lost in herself, Marta spends the days remembering old times with Bea, Desi and Soraya, owner of a bar where Desi works as waiter, while she cheats Lili making believe her that she works in a little known studio in Stockholm hoping to be accepted in the commune, and finds a job working for Ramón in his photo shop specialized in weddings, baptisms and communions. Frustrated by her wish to have a life of full of greatness and fame faraway of her worker-class origins, Marta constantly discusses with her friends as well her mother, who still treats her as a little child. But one day her world of illusions tears apart: during a celebration with all the group of girls, Lili appears by surprise in Cornella meeting Marta and the group, unveiling the truth about Stockholm and causing that Bea, Desi and Soraya reject her. In the attempt to arrange the things with her friends, Marta not only will find a chance to reconcile with her origins and who really she is, but the chance to be the artist that she always wanted to be. Read More