Genre: Action , Crime , Romance , Western , Drama

About: The moving picture Quantez was first seen in the cinemas in 1957. Categorized as action, crime, romance, western and drama. will take you a total of minutes of watch time. 123Movies provied links and subtitles where you can watch it in HD for free.

Plot: After a bank robbery, Heller and his small gang are on the run from the posse. The gang intends to cross the border into Mexico but their horses are tired. The outlaws decide to make a stopover in the town of Quantez to rest and feed the horses. Heller is a brutal and cynical man who treats his woman, Chaney, with disdain and contempt. Gentry is Heller's second-in-command and he proves to be an experienced and wise gunfighter from the old days. Eastern gunslinger Teach is a newcomer to the West and he's green but eager, with an added touch of gentlemanly chivalry towards women. When Heller treats Chaney bad, Teach defends her, causing violent clashes between himself and Heller. Gentry has to step in and separate the two before they kill each other over Chaney. The last member of the gang, Gato, is a white man who was raised by the Apache and considers himself to be Apache. He is useful to the gang because he knows the region well, he can speak Apache dialects and can use many Apache tricks to throw off the pursuing posse. When the gang reaches the town of Quantez it is shocked to see a deserted ghost town. Nevertheless, they decide to rest there for the night. Gato goes in the night to scout around and he finds an Apache spear with a message that anyone still found in town after sunrise will be killed. Gato realizes there are Apaches around but decides to keep this information to himself. With Apaches lurking around and Heller trying to kill Teach over pretty Chaney it doesn't look like the gang will ever reach Mexico. Read More