Rites of Passage


Genre: Action , Horror , Mystery , Thriller

About: The moving picture Rites of Passage was first seen in the cinemas in 2012. Categorized as action, horror, mystery and thriller. will take you a total of minutes of watch time. 123Movies provied links and subtitles where you can watch it in HD for free.

Plot: Nathan an anthropology student is disappointed that the modern world neglects an ancient chumash ritual known as the rites of passage ceremony that involves steps needed for becoming a man according to chumash legends. Nathan convinces his profesor Nash a pedofilic university teacher who openly pursues sexual attraction with his female students to take their class on a field trip for the weekend to his family's old ranch which was once the site of ancient chumash indian rituals and countless rites of passage ceremonies. Nash agrees and the 2 of them take their class including Nathan's crush Dani who is a traumatized half chumash and half british female neglected by her parents for being a failure who is hungry for attention and is known for being a party animal and trainwreck. Unbeknownst to them the family ranch isn't abandoned and is the home of 2 drug addicted lunatics: Benny a lonely, delusional and awkward social incept who is addicted to a hallucination drug used in the rites of passage ceremony who wants to be part of an imaginary indian tribe in a far away place but to do so he must join them in death with a bride and Delgado a crazed drug dealer with a shotgun who hallucinates a talking stuffed monkey on his shotgun and is out for revenge against Dani for killing his wife and sun during a drunk driving incident that has traumatized her. Benny while hallucinating attempts to kidnap one of Nathan's class mates in order to make her his bride but is stopped by a man who was with her and is driven of. Benny goes to a party where he is bullied and laughed at by the college students until Nathan arrives and beggs him to stay. Penelope a girl at the party attempts to seduce and pursuade Benny into giving her a ride home but she is instead kidnapped and taken by Benny to his family porch to be his wife. The next morning Benny attempts to perform a marriage ceremony with Penelope but stops upon hearing the students arrive at the ranch and Penelope manages to break out of her restraints in order to try and escape. Penelope is chased by Benny through a field while screaming for help but the students can't hear her in their cars and she is accidentally killed while running and Benny cries for her not to leave without him. Nathan while attempting to calm his classmates down and stop them from having sex is hit on by an invited girl only for her to be called of by her friend who tells her that Nathan likes the new girl Dani. Dani overhears this and seemingly waites for his confession but he gets shy and embarrassed then leaves and she seems sad and disappointed. Benny arrives and attempts to pursuade Nathan into leaving with his friends as he doesn't want them there and Nathan doesn't have their father's permission but stops upon seeing Dani. Benny notices Dani's beauty and chumash heritege and attempts to talk to her but she leaves upon being creeped out by the way he looks at her. While the class is on the beach Benny spies on Dani having set his sights on her as his next bride and plans to kidnap her. While scooping her from a cliff above the beach he is caught by one of the students and the 2 of them as well as her boyfriend and Delgado eventually get into a fight which results in the boyfriend being killed and the girl names squarl to be injured by a falling roof. Delgado and Benny believing both students to be dead attempt to hide their tracks by hiding their bodies and Delgado decides to hunt down and kill the rest of class while Benny repairs restraints used on Penelope to keep Dani trapped so he can marry her in a cooler. Delagdo breaks all of their phones so they can't call for help and begins killing them while the proffesor is wounded by a bear trap set by Delgado for intruders. Delgado while hunting holds conversations with his imaginary stuffed monkey who tries to reason with his seemingly absent sense of morality. Delagdo realizes while talking to Benny that the girl (Dani) who killed his family is also one of the kids who arrived and she becomes his main target out of revenge. Benny continues to stalk Dani while she is with Nathan and temporarily others and having a panic attack. Dani notices Benny and he tries to enter the house for her but is held back by her and Nathan but eventually corners them. Benny manages to kidnap Dani after she attempted to escape by chloroforming her as well as giving her some of the hallucination drug he drinks and spirits her away from Nathan who screams that he will kill him. Benny carries Dani on his shoulder to the desired wedding location and she is forced into a marriage ceremony with him while tied up and hallucinating. Nathan realizes Benny's plan and where he took Dani but runs into Delgado outside the cooler and gets into a confirmation with him. Benny hears them fighting outside and attempts to save his brother but Delgado gains the upper hand against them both but his attention is directed to Dani upon realizing where she is. Delgado attempts to kill her by shooting her with his shotgun but Benny get between them and is shot instead. Before dying Benny hallucinates Dani telling him she loves him and that they will be together forever and ever and ever but he is later rejected by the tribe for not having Dani with him. Nathan manages to kill Delgado by beating him to death after he was distracted by Benny's death. He seemingly mourns Benny and frees Dani from her restraints but she is hallucinating and having a panic attack so she takes Delgado's gun and points at him before attempting to kill herself out of guilt but he convinces her to stop and they embrace. Dani and Nash are taken to a hospital but before he leaves Nash tells Nathan that he has passed the test and become a man thanks to the rites of passage ceremony. At the end of the film Delgado is seemingly revived and runs of into the distance and the film ends. Read More