Episode guide:
E45: The War Machines (4)
E44: The War Machines (3)
E43: The War Machines (2)
E42: The War Machines (1)
E41: The Savages (4)
E40: The Savages (3)
E39: The Savages (2)
E38: The Savages (1)
E37: The Gunfighters: The OK Corral (4)
E36: The Gunfighters: Johnny Ringo (3)
E35: The Gunfighters: Don't Shoot the Pianist (2)
E34: The Gunfighters: A Holiday for the Doctor (1)
E33: The Celestial Toymaker: The Final Test (4)
E32: The Celestial Toymaker: The Dancing Floor (3)
E31: The Celestial Toymaker: The Hall of Dolls (2)
E30: The Celestial Toymaker: The Celestial Toyroom (1)
E29: The Ark: The Bomb (4)
E28: The Ark: The Return (3)
E27: The Ark: The Plague (2)
E26: The Ark: The Steel Sky (1)
E25: The Massacre: Bell of Doom (4)
E24: The Massacre: Priest of Death (3)
E23: The Massacre: The Sea Beggar (2)
E22: The Massacre: War of God (1)
E21: The Daleks' Master Plan: The Destruction of Time (12)
E20: The Daleks' Master Plan: The Abandoned Planet (11)
E19: The Daleks' Master Plan: Escape Switch (10)
E18: The Daleks' Master Plan: Golden Death (9)
E17: The Daleks' Master Plan: Volcano (8)
E16: The Daleks' Master Plan: The Feast of Steven (7)
E15: The Daleks' Master Plan: Coronas of the Sun (6)
E14: The Daleks' Master Plan: Counter Plot (5)
E13: The Daleks' Master Plan: The Traitors (4)
E12: The Daleks' Master Plan: Devil's Planet (3)
E11: The Daleks' Master Plan: Day of Armageddon (2)
E10: The Daleks' Master Plan: The Nightmare Begins (1)
E09: The Myth Makers: Horse of Destruction (4)
E08: The Myth Makers: Death of a Spy (3)
E07: The Myth Makers: Small Prophet, Quick Return (2)
E06: The Myth Makers: Temple of Secrets (1)
E05: Mission to the Unknown
E04: Galaxy 4: The Exploding Planet (4)
E03: Galaxy 4: Air Lock (3)
E02: Galaxy 4: Trap of Steel (2)
E01: Galaxy 4: Four Hundred Dawns (1)
E39: The Time Meddler: Checkmate (4)
E38: The Time Meddler: A Battle of Wits (3)
E37: The Time Meddler: The Meddling Monk (2)
E36: The Time Meddler: The Watcher (1)
E35: The Chase: The Planet of Decision (6)
E34: The Chase: The Death of Dr Who (5)
E33: The Chase: Journey into Terror (4)
E32: The Chase: Flight through Eternity (3)
E31: The Chase: The Death of Time (2)
E30: The Chase: The Executioners (1)
E29: The Space Museum: The Final Phase (4)
E28: The Space Museum: The Search (3)
E27: The Space Museum: The Dimensions of Time (2)
E26: The Space Museum: The Space Museum (1)
E25: The Crusade: The Warlords (4)
E24: The Crusade: The Wheel of Fortune (3)
E23: The Crusade: The Knight of Jaffa (2)
E22: The Crusade: The Lion (1)
E21: The Web Planet: The Centre (6)
E20: The Web Planet: Invasion (5)
E19: The Web Planet: Crater of Needles (4)
E18: The Web Planet: Escape to Danger (3)
E17: The Web Planet: The Zarbi (2)
E16: The Web Planet: The Web Planet (1)
E15: The Romans: Inferno (4)
E14: The Romans: Conspiracy (3)
E13: The Romans: All Roads Lead to Rome (2)
E12: The Romans: The Slave Traders (1)
E11: The Rescue: Desperate Measures (2)
E10: The Rescue: The Powerful Enemy (1)
E09: The Dalek Invasion of Earth: Flashpoint (6)
E08: The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The Waking Ally (5)
E07: The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The End of Tomorrow (4)
E06: The Dalek Invasion of Earth: Day of Reckoning (3)
E05: The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The Daleks (2)
E04: The Dalek Invasion of Earth: World's End (1)
E03: Planet of Giants: Crisis (3)
E02: Planet of Giants: Dangerous Journey (2)
E01: Planet of Giants: Planet of Giants (1)
E42: The Reign of Terror: Prisoners of Conciergerie (6)
E41: The Reign of Terror: A Bargain of Necessity (5)
E40: The Reign of Terror: The Tyrant of France (4)
E39: The Reign of Terror: A Change of Identity (3)
E38: The Reign of Terror: Guests of Madame Guillotine (2)
E37: The Reign of Terror: A Land of Fear (1)
E36: The Sensorites: A Desperate Venture (6)
E35: The Sensorites: Kidnap (5)
E34: The Sensorites: A Race Against Death (4)
E33: The Sensorites: Hidden Danger (3)
E32: The Sensorites: The Unwilling Warriors (2)
E31: The Sensorites: Strangers in Space (1)
E30: The Aztecs: The Day of Darkness (4)
E29: The Aztecs: The Bride of Sacrifice (3)
E28: The Aztecs: The Warriors of Death (2)
E27: The Aztecs: The Temple of Evil (1)
E26: The Keys of Marinus: The Keys of Marinus (6)
E25: The Keys of Marinus: Sentence of Death (5)
E24: The Keys of Marinus: The Snows of Terror (4)
E23: The Keys of Marinus: The Screaming Jungle (3)
E22: The Keys of Marinus: The Velvet Web (2)
E21: The Keys of Marinus: The Sea of Death (1)
E20: Marco Polo: Assassin at Peking (7)
E19: Marco Polo: Mighty Kublai Khan (6)
E18: Marco Polo: Rider from Shang-Tu (5)
E17: Marco Polo: The Wall of Lies (4)
E16: Marco Polo: Five Hundred Eyes (3)
E15: Marco Polo: The Singing Sands (2)
E14: Marco Polo: The Roof of the World (1)
E13: The Edge of Destruction: The Brink of Disaster (2)
E12: The Edge of Destruction: The Edge of Destruction (1)
E11: The Daleks: The Rescue (7)
E10: The Daleks: The Ordeal (6)
E09: The Daleks: The Expedition (5)
E08: The Daleks: The Ambush (4)
E07: The Daleks: The Escape (3)
E06: The Daleks: The Survivors (2)
E05: The Daleks: The Dead Planet (1)
E04: An Unearthly Child: The Firemaker (4)
E03: An Unearthly Child: The Forest of Fear (3)
E02: An Unearthly Child: The Cave of Skulls (2)
E01: An Unearthly Child: An Unearthly Child (1)

Doctor Who (1963)


Genre: Adventure , Drama , Family , Sci-fi

About: The TV Show Doctor Who started airing in 1963 and it is categorized as adventure, drama, family and sci-fi. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.

Plot: The adventures of The Doctor, a time-traveling humanoid alien known as a Time Lord. He explores the universe in his TARDIS, a sentient time-traveling spaceship. Its exterior appears as a blue British police box, which was a common sight in Britain in 1963 when the series first aired. Along with a succession of companions, The Doctor faces a variety of foes while working to save civilizations, help ordinary people, and right many wrongs. Read More