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Strange World (1999)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery , Sci-fi , Thriller

About: The TV Show Strange World started airing in 1999 and it is categorized as crime, drama, mystery, sci-fi and thriller. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.

Plot: "The X-Files" writer/executive producer Howard Gordon presents an exploration of a nefarious world where "big business" funds "big science," and the answers Paul Turner finds lead to more questions than have ever been imagined. After exposure to chemical weapons during the Gulf War, ex-Government scientist Turner spent six isolated years fighting for his life until an enigmatic Asian woman saved him with a miraculous cure...that lasted only temporarily. Ever since, the illness has regularly returned to ravage Turner's body until the woman mysteriously reappears to provide another dose. After a six year absence, Turner returns to the Army as a Special Investigator in charge of tracking down the Frankensteins of the world. Turner's belief that the government is too slow and inefficient to protect us from the unchecked advances of science proves to be all too true in this show that features such ripped- from-the-headlines fare as cloning and genetic engineering. His only allies are his caring and supportive girlfriend Dr. Sidney MacMillan, who stood by him during his years of recovery and is still trying to find a permanent cure for his illness, and his old friend Major Lynne Reese, whom he met during the war and who feels somewhat guilty over his condition, since she failed to make an important choice when the accident happened that maybe could have saved him. During his investigations, Turner realizes that a secret organization is behind several covered up incidents which involved genetic engineering and that his mysterious Asian friend is trying to expose them. The cards eventually turn against Paul. Meanwhile, Sidney is approached by a friendly mysterious man, who claims he can help her boyfriend get better and expose the organization. But can she trust him? Read More