The Night Of (2016)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery

About: The TV Show The Night Of started airing in 2016 and it is categorized as crime, drama and mystery. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.

Plot: Strait-laced Pakistani-American student Naz is off to a must-attend party in Manhattan on a Friday night in his only available transportation, his father's cab. But his party-going plans are quickly forgotten when a mysterious young woman jumps aboard in need of a ride. Charmed by her intense intrigue and good looks, Naz gets swept up by her pressures. After a mind-altering night of drugs and passion, the woman is dead, and Naz finds himself in the crosshairs of a gruesome murder investigation, panicked and shaken, but possibly with a trace of doubt about his own innocence. Read More